Richard Booth Adjudicator -

Stephen Cullip Adjudicator -

Jennifer Booth Adjudicator - Denver, CO
Former President of the US ISTD
Trained several US National Amateur champions
Southwest US International Standard Champions finalists in American Style & Standard

Susan Puttock Adjudicator - Las Vegas, NV
After turning Professional and emigrating to the U.S. Susan, and her husband Brian, became 3-Time U.S. Professional Standard Champions. At the present time, they are involved in coaching, organizing and judging at many events throughout the country as well as internationally. World-class Adjudicator, WD&DSC. 

Nathan Hawes Daniels Adjudicator - Golden Valley, MN
Mr. Daniels comes to us, originally from New York. He is celebrating his 33rd year of teaching ballroom dance. Currently coaching and judging ballroom competitions across North America occupies the majority of his time. He is a Member of the N.A.D.T.A. with adjudication certification in American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Standard, International Latin, and Theatre Arts. In addition, he is a member of the NDCA and the Professional Dancers Federation

During his competitive career, Nathan was five times national finalist in the cabaret and theatrical divisions of ballroom dance, as well as being the U. S. Rising Star Theatrical Champion.

He and his partner performed extensively across the United States and Canada. They have been featured performers at Epcot Center, the Super Bowl half-time show, and An Evening of Championship Ballroom Dancing on PBS.

In addition to dancing and theater, Nathan holds a B.A. in Sociology and Economics from Duke University. 

Jonathan Wilkins Adjudicator - New York, NY
10 times United States Professional Ballroom Champion World Showdance Champion
European Professional Ballroom Champion, United Kingdom, Blackpool and International 2nd place runner up
United States Classic Showdance Champion
Ohio Star Ball Champion (telecast as PBS Championship Ballroom Dancing)
Dutch Open Professional Standard Champion
Irish Open Professional Standard Champion
Winner of the Ballroom Dance Federation award to the most outstanding couple of 2002
Winner of World Dance and Dance Sport Series Award of 2003 

Katarzyna Kozak Adjudicator - El Cajon, CA
  Kasia is one of the top professional dancers in the United State.She has been competing for many years winning numerous prestigious titles. She is among the few in the world holding a Blackpool Title.
Championship Certified (DVIDA) Standard, Latin, American Style & Theatrical. WDC Adjudicator. 

Trevor Luff Adjudicator - Long Beach, CA   
    USA Dance+WDSF - A+ B+ C+ D+ E+
Adjudicated for USA Dancesport,NDCA,and collegiate competitions ,Invigilator for USA Dancesport competitions,and Chairman of judges for collegiate competitions.
• WDSF Certified and Certified with Standard, Latin, Judging System 2.1.
• Triple Licentiate degree’s through the USISTD: American Smooth, rhythm, & Theatre arts.
• Dual Fellowship degree’s I.S.T.D. International Standard & Latin.
Travelled throughout most of Asia teaching in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and just lately Vietnam.
Taught for over 25 years; organizing Medal tests, local Competitions and Dance parties.


Elizabeth Knoll Adjudicator - Portland, OR
After turning professional in 1985, Beth became 1991 US National Professional Standard Champion. Among other accomplishments are the titles of 5-time US representative to World Championships, 8-time undefeated International Grand Champion, and featured performer on “Championship Ballroom Dancing." Beth went on to become an American Style Smooth Champion, a finalist in all major US Championships. Championship Certified (Fellow--Terpsichore) in all Styles. World-class Adjudicator--WDC. US National Invigilation Committee.  

Richard Booth Chairman - Denver, CO
Wiith his wife Jennifer:
Former Southwest United States Champion
Organizer of the Colorado Star Ball

Stephen Cullip Emcee - Danville, CA
Twice U.S. Professional Standard Ballroom Champion. Thirteen times U.S. representative to the Worlds Professional and Worlds Amateur Standard Championships. Fourteen times Grand Finalist, U.S. Professional Standard Championships. Junior, Amateur, and Professional U.S. Champion. 

Dennis Lyle Emcee - Winchester, CA

Jim Kent Music Director - Canada
  Jim Kent is a well known for his excellent music selection at events like Seattle Star Ball and Vancouvers Snowball Classic IDSF championships. 

Sharon Wolf Registrar - Washington
  Sharon has been registrar for Northwest competitions for many years, including events such as USA Dance Northwest Regional DanceSport Championships, Quest for the Best, Seattle Star Ball (NDCA) and Winter Dance Fest. 

Mark Tabor Scrutineer - Fort Worth, TX   
    USA Dance+WDSF - Scrutineer
Introduced to ballroom dancing in 1993, Mark became involved in competition, and competed for over 15 years. Beginning in 2000, he organized 18 chapter competitions and Six USA Dance Regional Competitions. Throughout this experience, he developed the O2CM system for DanceSport competition management and began scrutineering. Mark moved to Oregon and began teaching at The Ballroom Dance Company in 2008. In 2013, Moved to Fort Worth Texas to better serve O2CM clients across the country at events nearly every other week. He works all levels of events as a scrutineer, including NDCA pro/am events, USA Dance National Championships and WDSF World Championship and World Cups.

*Organizer Columbia Star Ball 2010-2012
*Organizer Northwest DanceSport Championships 2003-2007
*Developer of the O2CM System
*Certified Scrutineer